General Service Corps

Its main function is to act as a holding unit for specialists who have not been assigned to other units or corps. Its members are on the General List or Special List, and are usually part of the Army Reserve.

General Service Corps

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5/8 Inch Anodised crowns (Per Pair)


Item name: 5/8 Inch Anodised crowns (Per Pair)

Cost: £17.50

SKU: 1a2b08ae0274.

5/8 Inch Annodised Stars (Per Pair)


Item name: 5/8 Inch Annodised Stars (Per Pair)

Cost: £17.50

SKU: c2def4f3855d.

Short Swan Neck Spurs


Item name: Short Swan Neck Spurs

Cost: £48.00

SKU: 67a9af237ca3.

Sword as Per Regment


Item name: Sword as Per Regment

Cost: £885.00

SKU: a2c475be3fd8.

Leather Scabbard


Item name: Leather Scabbard

Cost: £200.00

SKU: 417b3fabad0e.

Nickel Scabbard


Item name: Nickel Scabbard

Cost: £200.00

SKU: 6ba085a5a6f6.